Welcome to Cross Trails Cowboy Church in Fairlie, Texas


Cross Trails Cowboy Church started in 2002 with God giving two cowboys a vision. They felt God calling them to reach out to lost cowboys and “gather the remnants“ neglected by traditional churches. They began by sharing the Word of God and with a lot of prayer. In one year the two grew to over two hundred people worshiping together under a tent. God has continued to bless Cross Trails ever since. And even though we've outgrown the tent, we will never outgrow the casual, come as you are atmosphere that makes us Cross Trails Cowboy Church. 

 Join us as the story continues and as we ride for HIS brand ………………


Cross Trails Cowboy Church Constitution



3-22-15 Sermon from Cross Trails Cowboy Church on Vimeo.


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Lay Pastor of the month for March, 2015:  Scott Marston 850-362-9992

Church Office hours: Mon, Thurs 8-2, Wed 11-7, Closed Tues & Fri

Upcoming Events and Other Information:



  • Ironman Conference, May 2nd, 10-2


Ironman Conference Volunteer Opportunities

Task Contact Person
Registration, Greeting Bill Mercer
Set-Up/Tear Down, Parking Brad Wickersham
Promotions Scott Marston
Video Recording, Technical Support Mark Williams
Food Preparation Kevin Ice

Please contact any of the lay pastors with questions, or you can talk to Charles Lowry or Pastor Oliver.

**There will be a meeting for volunteers on Tuesday, March 17th at 6:30.

If you’re unsure whether you want to volunteer or not and need more info to decide, come to the meeting and see what’s needed. There’s a place for all men of the church to help!


 Win a Lifetime Hunting/Fishing License

We are selling forms for a Texas resident lifetime combination hunting/fishing license.  The drawing will be held on July 18th at the 3rd annual 3-D Pop-Up shoot.  Entry forms are available thru any team member or at any of our events. Enter as many times as you ant.  Cost is $5.00 per entry.  For more information please contact any team member or e-mail us at ctccsportsmen@gmail.com

Paul McGinnis 903-449-1865 Billy Mercer 903-366-7720
Hayden Jackson 903-269-6410 Chad Waters 903-259-4048
Paul Voss 214-546-8092 Jeremy Bell 334-318-8819
Ronny Jackson 903-274-5039 Brad Wickersham 903-267-3431
Bill Mercer 903-366-2902